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Acer Aspire Switch 10 on the Go

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I received the Acer Aspire Switch 10 a few weeks ago, and after a couple of days of using it for work and play wrote this post. Now after working on it more in-depth, I can say this Acer 2 in 1 is great on the go. I used it during a meeting, at the library, and while traveling, with and without wifi.

Driving to my destination, I connected the 2 in 1 to my car with an audio out cable, since I used Bluetooth with my phone at the time. I listened to a  new playlist, and loved non-commercial selections of my favorite tunes.

DropCam Screenshot

I downloaded the Dropcam Pro app. I like to use Dropcam as a surveillance device while I’m away. I could monitor the exterior of my home, and keep an eye out for any deliveries.

Tip: Bluetooth has to be enabled before pairing devices. Click the arrow next to the keyboard icon at the bottom right of the screen. It will open the Acer Quick Access menu. Scroll to the top and slide the Bluetooth toggle to the right. Now you can proceed with pairing.

I paired my Braven speaker to give the audio more bass and a richer sound. This made singing and dancing at my friend’s house a lot more fun!

Once Upon a Time Screenshot

I like to watch movies on planes, in hotels and on cruises, sometimes alone with headphones, and other times with my family paired with speakers. Tent mode works great for this purpose, but occasionally, I can connect the 2 in 1 to the HDTV so we can all watch on a big screen in our room. I can do this with my micro-HDMI adapter. It worked beautifully! With a wifi connection, we watched TV shows on Hulu and Amazon Prime Instant Video directly from the site using the browser and streamed movies using the Netflix app, watched Ultraviolet movies via the Flixter app, and watched TV shows using CBS, ABC or one of several other network apps.

I also took advantaged of wifi by video chatting with family or friends via Skype.

OneTable Screenshot

The OneTable app to made making dinner reservations easy peasy, and racked up points towards a $20 dining check. This app also allowed me to discover restaurants in the area. I found a great  restaurant that I can’t wait to eat in again!

Acer Aspire Switch 10 Dual Screens

I am experimenting with the Office Suite apps so I can share Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations on a larger screen at upcoming meetings and events with the screen in presentation mode, using dual screens. The micro USB adapter I purchased made the connection a snap!

I like to take a lot of photos wherever I go, especially on vacation. When I shoot video as well, I transfer my files, and I did this easily by connecting my camera to the USB port on the keyboard.

Considering the brains of this 2 in 1 device is all behind the monitor, makes this ultra convenient. I have even used this as a laptop without the keyboard. This means I am using a tablet to do things that I should only be able to with a laptop, like watch Score!

It allowed me to bring this with me for business and travel. It didn’t matter if I was in a café writing a document and sipping on chai tea, or at the park listening to an audio book while taking photos, the Acer Aspire Switch 10 has been able to keep up with all of my on-the-go needs so far. It packs a big punch for a small price, and I like that!

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Intel 2 in 1

What’s in My Gear Bag?

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Gear Bag and Contents

I’m often asked what gear I carry in my bag. It contains everything from gadgets and their peripherals to camera gear. And of course, the combined contents get me through professional duties and entertain me. Many items in the bag are multi-taskers.

The iPad (3) – I have the 16 gig wi-fi model.

Logitech Keyboard Case by Zagg – This bluetooth keybad for the iPad is the logical item for blogging.

Android Phone with Hot Spot – There’s no need for the iPad with 4G because I can tether it to my phone. With wi-fi I can access DropBox and other clouds to stream or download content.

Jawbone Bluetooth Headset – For driving (car rentals)

Braven 600 – This 6W bluetooth speaker has great volume, crisp sound so I can happily listen to my music or watch TV shows or movies with much improved sound. It also has a great noise-canceling speaker phone function, and I can daisy chain another speaker if necessary. I can also charge portable devices with it.

myCharge Battery Charger – This can charge up my phone on the go, and give my iPad some juice until I can fully charge it.

Camera Connection Kit – I can attach a card reader for my CF card, or attach my camera to my iPad using the USB connection.

USB Drive/SD Card – Stored recorded or ripped videos under DCIM Folder and renamed movies to match camera’s file name, i.e., IMG_1234, help give me extra content when I can’t access my clouds like when on a plane or a cruise. I place the file into the folder on an SD card, flashdrive or other storage card if I use a card reader. I can import a movie via my Camera Connection Kit into my Photos app, and play it from there. I only import one at a time, and delete it once I’ve watched it.

Card Reader – To use with Camera Connection Kit.

Belkin Mini Surge Protector – It contains three AC ports and two USB ports (FYI, it’s not a USB hub). Sometimes there’s just not enough outlets to charge my gear.

Canon EOS 7D – This semi-pro body is great for low-lighting, action, and more!

Canon EF 17-40/4 – A nice wide-angle. It’s my ‘go to’ lens.

Canon EF 70-200/2.8 – My telephoto lens.

Canon 430 EX – A good flash that reaches to 105mm.

Extra CF Card – Just in case

Lens Cloth– I store one in film canister to keep it clean.

Lens Brush – Another great lens cleaning item.

Remote Release – Excellent for Long exposures like fireworks.

GorillaPod SLR Zoom– A lightweight mini tripod that’s easy to travel with.

Klipsch Reference One Premium Headphones – Very comfortable, quality on the ear headphones that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Etymotic hf3 – Great quality noise isolating earphones (not for those who crave a super deep bass).

Cocoon Grid-It – Keeps my devices and peripherals organized.

Loksak – Zip bags that can be hermetically sealed to prevent my devices from getting wet.

Accessories – Chargers, adaptors, patch cords, etc.

Canon Deluxe Backpack 200 EG – I was warned NOT to get this. I bought it six years ago, and liked the construction. I wondered why I had to pay more to buy a Kata or Lowe bag. This is perfect. The only disadvantage is it has Canon in a chrome-tone displayed, which makes it obvious that you have camera gear in it. I sometimes carry my Canon 7D, XT, 17-40, 70-200/2.8, flash and more in this bag internationally, and use it while hiking, in the city, or around town. Love it! Lots of other accessories in here like, B+W ND & polarizing filters, camera battery charger, USB cables, and possibly extra lenses (50/1.8, 85/1.8, 11-16/2.8).

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