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Throwback Thursdays

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Photo Credit: Netflix

Photo Credit: Netflix

If you use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, I’m sure you’ve noticed the trending hashtag #tbt (Throw Back Thursday). This day is dedicated to reminiscing, usually posting old photos from childhood, weddings, vacations, etc.

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. When you look at one, you’ll have flashbacks of an activity or event capturing that moment. There are also other stimuli that trigger memories. I find music, movies, and TV shows bring me instantly back to a point in time, whether it was singing a song with my best childhood friend at the top of my lungs, or bringing my kids to the movies.

Music can easily be shared to social media sites via Spotify, or videos from YouTube. I used to share music under the hashtag #Music Monday years ago, but now I can share my love of New Wave (New Order, The Smiths) and Grunge (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden) using #TBT instead.

I can share movie and TV show memories with my kids by showing them the classics of my time via Netflix. I like to show them TV shows like Family Ties, or movies like Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves; Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; and Doctor Doolittle. To share what you’re watching on Facebook, connect it to Netflix accounts by clicking the Social Settings link, or from a device that supports Facebook social features. 

So, instead of posting photos from your childhood every Thursday, why not mix things up a bit, and share the joy of music, film, or television?


Google Wave Preview: Yay or Nay?

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I love being an alpha tester, so I jumped at the chance to get an invite to try out Google Wave Preview. I like what I see so far. I have friends who love it, some who don’t think it’s a big deal, and others who won’t use it after trying it twice.

My question to you is do you like Google Wave? What is your favorite feature? What do you think needs the most improvement? Dare to share! Leave a comment below.

Watch Streaming Video on Your TV!

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For those without a DVR, the ability to watch ’30 Rock’, ‘The Office’, or ‘House’ on demand via Hulu is amazing.  You can even watch movies like ‘Jewel of the Nile’ or  ‘Lock, Stock and Smoking Barrel’.  If you have a Netflix account, and you’re looking for a better selection of movies, you can select Watch Instantly to stream select features.   The only problem is you have to watch them on a computer monitor, and if you only have a 13″ screen laptop, it will not be as rewarding as watching it on your television. The solution is to hook up your laptop or Mac Mini to your TV, or buy a Vudu, Roku or Apple TV set top box.  Check out my previous blog post on connecting your Mac/PC to your TV if you opt for the laptop/Mac Mini connection.  If you have a home theater, and/or want a permanent set up, then a set-top box might be right for you.

VUDU was the first device to come out that would enable you to rent or purchase a movie and stream it to your television. It offers 13,000 movie and TV titles on demand from Hollywood studios and independent distributors, including a large HD collection.  The standard box gives you 250 GB of space ($149).  The XL model, designed for high end home theaters and available only through an authorized installer, has 1 TB of storage, which translates to about 500 titles ($499). Bonus – You can connect to Pandora Radio, Picasa, YouTube and Flickr.

ROKU gives you have over 50,000 videos at your fingertips. This selection includes 12,000 movies and TV shows from Netflix, and 40,000 titles from Amazon Video on Demand.  It has built-in wi-fi, and can be used wired or wireless.

APPLE TV teams up with iTunes to extend movies and TV shows in standard definition and HD.  It comes in 40 GB and 160 GB versions ($229/$329).  It can access all compatible content off your iTunes account (movies, TV shows, photos, music, podcasts, etc.), and even stream content from up to five computers.  It is partnered with Flickr, YouTube, and Mobile Me (.Mac) to add more viewing capabilities to your box.  Warning, this does NOT work with older, non-widescreen TVs.

BOXEE is the baby of the bunch, and it doesn’t have hardware (yet).  You simply download the freeware, and use it on your desktop or even better, on your laptop. The latter is portable and can be connected to a larger screen. It’s an alpha version, and available for Mac and Linux users.  The last group of Windows testers were invited in February 2009, so you probably have to wait for the beta version.  Boxee brings a lot to the table. It’s a media center that assembles all your entertainment together.  Your movies, TV shows, music and photos on your hard drive are added to the mix of several online channels (too many to mention them all).   The highlights of Boxee are Hulu feeds, Joost, Netflix (Macs only), CNN, G4, NBA, Discovery, CNET TV, Pandora, Last FM, Shoutcast, YouTube, Picasa, and Flickr. You can even send updates to Twitter, FriendFeed and Tumblr (set-up via the website)!

DYNAMIC DUO – Here’s were the fun begins!  For those Mac users with an Apple TV and are a bit technically inclined, there is a hack that will get Boxee (and XBMC) onto your ATV. Follow the first video (link below) to build a USB patchstick (not all brands and models work, so check the Boxee announcements forum for the list), and the fourth video to install it to your Apple TV.  This gives you the ability to watch whatever is in you iTunes collection, PLUS all the streaming video content available through Boxee on a larger screen. Score!

Creating a Twitter Background using Keynote ’08

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You’re in luck if you’re a Mac user with iWork installed, and have a Twitter account.  I have finally had the opportunity to change my Twitter profile page from a portrait format landscape photo with the tile background box checked to a customized background made with Keynote.  First, download this Keynote Template.  Double click on the download, and it will open the template in Keynote.  Next, select a theme, and any photos (by choosing media) and text (select text box) you’d like.  Change the font and size of text, and for a really customized look, add a frame around your photo(s).  I liked the torn edge look, so I went to the Inspector> Graphic Inspector > Stroke> Picture Frame.  Click on the frame, and several options appear.  Make your selection, and do this for each desired photo.  You can even rotate your pic, by choosing Metric Inspector then next to the word Rotate, you can spin the knob to your preferred angle.  You can also play around with opacity, reflections, blurring, and more!  If you’re placing items on the right side, make sure they are next to the template.  Some Mac screens are larger than the standard template Twitter uses.  Even thought the text box centers itself, images do not.  Tsk, tsk Twitter!  The next step is to convert this to a photo.  Go to File> Save As> ‘Chosen Project Name’, then File> Export> Images> JPEG (keep quality in the middle), click the Next button, and chose where you want to save it, then hit the Export button.  Voila!  You have just saved your Keynote project as a JPEG file ready to upload.  Just in case you don’t know how to upload photos to your Twitter profile, select a theme (only for the color of the text and its box). Next, go to Settings> Design> Change background image> Choose file, then make your selection, and save changes.  Good luck!  Check out my Twitter page to see a finished product.

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