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How to Get Free Video Content For Your Apple TV 3 Without A Jailbreak

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Apple TV is a great device if you’re part of the Apple ecosystem. The problem is, it doesn’t come fully loaded with apps like the Roku or Boxee Box. You can buy or stream content via your iTunes account, subscribe to Netflix, Hulu Plus, MLB.TV, NHL, or NBA, or use a few other included apps, but that pales in comparison with the competition. There are jailbreaks for previous Apple TV models to provide more content, but the 3rd generation has none as of yet, and owners have to rely on other resources.

You can choose the ‘Computers’ icon and view everything in shared iTunes accounts from a Mac or PC. You can also use AirParrot to enable desktop mirroring from your Mac or PC or app mirroring from your Mac. This costs $10, but it’s a one time charge and will let you stream video from sites like Hulu.

If you have any iDevice, you can tap into some new content by using the AirPlay feature. I’ve come across a few apps that are configured for it. Note: Any network shown on Hulu Plus, which is an Apple TV app, will not be configured for AirPlay, so NO NBC, ABC or affiliates like Disney. It also doesn’t allow HBO Go or Amazon Instant Video.

TV & Movie Apps Screenshot on iPad 3

Some AirPlay Configured Apps

  • Bravo
  • BBC (Video & Live Radio)
  • Cartoon Network
  • CNET
  • CNN (Live)
  • Crackle
  • CW
  • Discovery
  • ESPN
  • Food Network
  • PBS
  • Smithsonian
  • TBS
  • TNT
  • Today
  • VEVO

iMedia Share

iMedia Share Lite is configured for DLNA products, and AirPlay. The following channels can be found, with more channels added to the full version.

  • (German)
  • HD
  • Animal Planet
  • Audi tv (both English and German)
  • (German)
  • CBS News
  • CNBC
  • cnet
  • CNN
  • content one (German)
  • DW (Deutsche Welle in English and German)
  • Daily Motion (International)
  • Discovery Channel
  • Driving Sports HD
  • euronews
  • Facebook
  • France 24
  • funny or DIE
  • Harvard Business Publishing
  • Motorz
  • NASA
  • The New York Times
  • PR Newswire
  • Picasa
  • SD (German)
  • Reuters
  • Revision 3
  • Spiegel Online (German)
  • Showtime (Clips)
  • TED SD
  • twit
  • Onion News Network
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Video Bash
  • Vimeo
  • The White House – Washington
  • YDN Design Guide
  • YouTube

The Boxee app adds mostly YouTube and Vimeo content, but there are some others.

AirPlay on iPad 3


So here’s the BONUS! If you double click on the home button of an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad using iOS 5 and greater, and swipe left to right, you’ll find an AirPlay button next to the audio control buttons once the Apple TV is set up. Tap the AirPlay button to display your device plus Apple TV. Choose the latter to reveal a Mirroring option. Turn it on to display your device’s screen. It will mirror what ever you display, though there is about a second lag time. This will enable you to Watch ABC, NBC, Disney, etc. PLUS play games like Angry Birds, Asphalt 7, Fruit Ninja, Temple Run, or Infinity Blade II on your big screen.

At least there are some options out there to get more free content on your Apple TV 3 without a jailbreak in the near future. If you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comment section below.

Watch Streaming Video on Your TV!

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For those without a DVR, the ability to watch ’30 Rock’, ‘The Office’, or ‘House’ on demand via Hulu is amazing.  You can even watch movies like ‘Jewel of the Nile’ or  ‘Lock, Stock and Smoking Barrel’.  If you have a Netflix account, and you’re looking for a better selection of movies, you can select Watch Instantly to stream select features.   The only problem is you have to watch them on a computer monitor, and if you only have a 13″ screen laptop, it will not be as rewarding as watching it on your television. The solution is to hook up your laptop or Mac Mini to your TV, or buy a Vudu, Roku or Apple TV set top box.  Check out my previous blog post on connecting your Mac/PC to your TV if you opt for the laptop/Mac Mini connection.  If you have a home theater, and/or want a permanent set up, then a set-top box might be right for you.

VUDU was the first device to come out that would enable you to rent or purchase a movie and stream it to your television. It offers 13,000 movie and TV titles on demand from Hollywood studios and independent distributors, including a large HD collection.  The standard box gives you 250 GB of space ($149).  The XL model, designed for high end home theaters and available only through an authorized installer, has 1 TB of storage, which translates to about 500 titles ($499). Bonus – You can connect to Pandora Radio, Picasa, YouTube and Flickr.

ROKU gives you have over 50,000 videos at your fingertips. This selection includes 12,000 movies and TV shows from Netflix, and 40,000 titles from Amazon Video on Demand.  It has built-in wi-fi, and can be used wired or wireless.

APPLE TV teams up with iTunes to extend movies and TV shows in standard definition and HD.  It comes in 40 GB and 160 GB versions ($229/$329).  It can access all compatible content off your iTunes account (movies, TV shows, photos, music, podcasts, etc.), and even stream content from up to five computers.  It is partnered with Flickr, YouTube, and Mobile Me (.Mac) to add more viewing capabilities to your box.  Warning, this does NOT work with older, non-widescreen TVs.

BOXEE is the baby of the bunch, and it doesn’t have hardware (yet).  You simply download the freeware, and use it on your desktop or even better, on your laptop. The latter is portable and can be connected to a larger screen. It’s an alpha version, and available for Mac and Linux users.  The last group of Windows testers were invited in February 2009, so you probably have to wait for the beta version.  Boxee brings a lot to the table. It’s a media center that assembles all your entertainment together.  Your movies, TV shows, music and photos on your hard drive are added to the mix of several online channels (too many to mention them all).   The highlights of Boxee are Hulu feeds, Joost, Netflix (Macs only), CNN, G4, NBA, Discovery, CNET TV, Pandora, Last FM, Shoutcast, YouTube, Picasa, and Flickr. You can even send updates to Twitter, FriendFeed and Tumblr (set-up via the website)!

DYNAMIC DUO – Here’s were the fun begins!  For those Mac users with an Apple TV and are a bit technically inclined, there is a hack that will get Boxee (and XBMC) onto your ATV. Follow the first video (link below) to build a USB patchstick (not all brands and models work, so check the Boxee announcements forum for the list), and the fourth video to install it to your Apple TV.  This gives you the ability to watch whatever is in you iTunes collection, PLUS all the streaming video content available through Boxee on a larger screen. Score!

Streaming Video in the Palm of Your Hand Pt. 2

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We have looked at iPhone third party apps that allow streaming video.  Now let’s look at other sources.  The first way is extremely easy.  It just requires Apple’s very own built-in iTunes app.  There’s absolutely nothing to download.  Just open the application, select Podcasts from the bottom bar, and look for content to watch.  If you already have a favorite podcast, below you can choose Search, and type in your desired podcast.

The second way is also super easy.  Another built-in app to the rescue.  YouTube enables you to watch TV shows in several parts, due to the maximum length of video that may be uploaded (10 minutes).  There are mostly kid or teen full episodes available in several parts.  Adults will find mostly clips of their preferred shows.

The third way is easy, with just a little work involved.  CBS has content on the app, but until Hulu’s app has been developed and approved, I have the next best thing to share with you. and automatically detects that you are using an iPhone or iPod Touch when you visit them via Safari, and direct you to their mobile sites.  These sites scale everything down for your device for easier reading.  If you tap on Video, it takes you to their TV shows.  m.NBC  offers full episodes of their top sitcoms and dramas, while extends more clips to viewers..  You can easily bookmark these two for quick access, but a faster approach is to add an icon to the home screen.  To do this, once you’re on the site at the video page, select the plus sign on the bar at the bottom.  A menu will pop up, and you should pick Add to Home Screen.  The icon is shown with the name, which may be modified (I delete the .com).  Tap on the Add button on the top right, and it will add the icon to the next availble spot on your screen as a shortcut to the  site.  This can also be done with .  Happy streaming!

Streaming Video in the Palm of Your Hand

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I am a bit of an iPhone appaholic.  I usually have all 9 pages filled with apps, and I’m always looking for the next greatest app to make my life easier or more entertaining.  I discovered Air Video and Air Video Free ($2.99/$0) a couple of weeks ago. They allow you to stream video off a Mac, PC, or connected hard drive and onto an iPhone or iPod Touch via wi-fi.  This frees up space for memory hungry music, photos and stored movies for travel.  After downloading the app onto your device and the server from their website onto your computer and install it (free, and necessary to stream and convert), you can begin streaming all videos.  If you have content not in the proper format, you can convert it using your iPhone/iPod Touch for viewing.   My enthusiasm wore off a little when I realized I would mostly use this app in bed before going to sleep. Hope was restored when I found the apps Off and Off Free ($0.99/$0) yesterday.  These enable you to turn off your Mac/PC, put it in sleep mode, restart it or lock it.  A free download of their server is required, and is easy to do.  This dynamic duo affords you the ability to watch a streaming movie in bed, and then shut down your computer for the night.

Another great streaming option is the free app Joost.  There is no server to download.  You can stream movies, music videos and TV shows directly to your handy little gadget.  The catch is, with the exception of the music videos, most content is not current.  That’s not always a bad thing.  I have viewed episodes of ‘Friends’, ‘The O.C.’, ‘Star Trek’ (the Original Series), and the films ‘The Fifth Element’ and ‘Men in Black’.  Many  shows are full episodes. offers strictly TV shows mostly from CBS (which also presents current hits and many of those in syndication), but also from The CW, Showtime, Chow and CNET TV.  The former offers many full episodes, and the CW provides clips often one to two minutes in length, and I’ve found Showtime clips up to seven minutes long.

ABC News is just that, Top News, WABC 7, and clips of the shows ‘Good Morning America’, ‘World News Tonight’, ’20/20′, ‘Nightline’, and ‘This Week’.

There are other apps which allow streaming video like vSnax and Truveo, but these are just clips of shows.  I must say, vSnax at least offers a more unique mix of channels, i.e. Animal Planet, G4TV, Discovery, AMC, Style Network, Comedy Central, and VH1.  A Hulu app is what everyone is anticipating.  Hopefully that comes out by the end of the summer!

Music Tuesday

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In the world of Twitter #MusicMonday is the day to discuss harmonious sounds.  I find Tuesday the time of the week for me to delve into the melody oriented topic based on a couple of sources.  Every Tuesday, iTunes offers a new small selection of free content to all with an account.  The songs available are from an eclectic mix of genres, and there is a gratis music video.  Other giveaways include TV episodes or clips, movie featurettes, and spoken word excerpts, but let’s stick to the music.  There’s a catch.  The music store is not handing out the latest and greatest tunes; however, you might enjoy some of the selections, so they are worth the listen.  The Single of the Week is often an up and coming artist or one who isn’t mainstream.  I download it 85% of the time, so I have to like it or find potential in it to add it to my hard drive.  The Discovery Download is where they mix things up, by providing a different category of music weekly.  I’ve seen rock, hip-hop, gospel, comedy, audiobooks and more offered here.  Then there is Canción de la Semana, which features the Latin single of the week.  The music videos are unique, because they occasionally offer a top 40 song.  I have downloaded Coldplay’s ‘Lovers in Japan’, The Veronica’s ‘Untouched’, and Delta Goodrem’s ‘In this Life’ all courtesy of iTunes.

Let’s move on to a different source of music.  Josh Schwartz (The O.C., Gossip Girl, Chuck) has created an on-line series called ‘Rockville CA‘, which takes place in the fictional club Rockville in Los Angeles that provides live performances by indie rock bands.  A group of twentysomethings hang out in the club to hear the latest up and coming bands, while the main characters date other people, but have a special chemistry with each other.  The first five to six minute episodes debuted on March 17, 2009 on the, and new shows are offered every Tuesday.  Some of the featured bands are: Nico Stai, Kaiser Chiefs, Lykke Li, Phantom Planet and White Lies.  All episodes are still accessible on the site for viewing, and available on iTunes for download at $0.99 each.

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