Orange You Glad It’s Back?

Orange is the New Black Season 2

Photo Credit: Netflix

Network television has not been the only choice of programming since cable channels started producing their own shows. Even internet streaming providers are supplying us with original content.

Netflix has a few of its own series, and my favorite is Orange is the New Black. The characters are nicely developed, and the writers push the envelope regarding story lines.

I didn’t think I would like this show because it takes place in a prison. Everything would be explicit and rude, and I prefer content that makes me think or laugh. My curiosity got the best of me and I watched the pilot. It offered more than I thought it would. It’s poignant, humorous, and gritty. The writing got me hooked from the beginning.

If you’re a fan, you probably know Season 2 begins on June 6th. You have time to review Season 1 to refresh your memory. If you haven’t watched the show yet, you should check out the first episode, and you can binge watch it before the new season.

If you’re not a subscriber yet, you can get a free one-month trial membership. Watch an episode everyday or pick a rainy day to have a marathon. Then you can be up-to-date for Season 2. Make your free trial worthwhile and watch some other programming exclusive to Netflix like House of Cards or Season 4 of Arrested Development. My 12 year old daughter loves Turbo FAST.

What do you think about Orange is the New Black? Is it quality programming or overrated?


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