FrogEye HotBox S7+ Wireless Speaker Review

FrogEye HotBox S7+ Boxed

FrogEye is a new company that has just introduced an awesome line of lifestyle products. The HotBox S7+ is one of their Bluetooth speakers. Like their S6 model, it has a noise-cancelling microphone to use as a speakerphone, but it also has an integrated power bank to charge mobile phones.

Unboxing FrogEye HotBox S7+


The packaging is of premium grade materials. Heavy stock cardboard houses what looks to be compressed foam board that cradles the speaker. The external packaging is asymmetrical, allowing the product to peek through the clear plastic on the right side. The accessories include a micro USB cable, a 3.5 mm stereo cable to connect to non-Bluetooth devices, and a water-resistant carrying pouch. There’s also a user guide, which in these days of online manuals is not a given. Right off the bat I had high expectations due to their marketing. So far, I’ve been impressed. Let’s see if this speaker can live up to its branding.


Pairing was quick and easy to a 3rd gen iPad and LG phone. It took a minute to pair a six-year old iMac. A 2nd gen iPod Touch and an iPad 2 needed several attempts before pairing was possible. Re-connecting was easy for all except the iPad 2, which seems to have had a general issue with Bluetooth.


I tested sound quality of music and video playback as well as voice on the speakerphone on both the speaker and receiver ends. I listened to diversified sources to test the frequency range, and noise ratio of the speakers. The content came from files on my iPad, streaming sources from iPad apps, and streaming files via my iMac. I also connected the HotBox S7+ to a Toshiba laptop with the included cable. The MP3’s bit rates ranged from 128 – 256 kbps.

FrogEye HotBox S7+ Streaming Music from iPad 3


This little speaker handled everything I threw at it. I played classical, jazz, new age, R&B, pop, rock, hip hop, reggae, opera, and new wave (county & western from a video source). Starting with the mid-range that usually sounds muddled from most speakers this size, the HotBox S7+’s was natural and clear. The highs weren’t too sharp, and the bass was tight, though I could’ve used just a little more, but that’s usually at the sacrifice of the mid-range at this price ($199 at Amazon). The test playlist is below.

The two drivers deliver 3-watts per channel, making the volume quite impressive. I cranked up the source and the speakers to their maximum, and I walked around a 5,000 square foot house with an open floor plan with no other sounds present. I could hear the music playing everywhere through open doors, except for some spots upstairs. There wasn’t even distortion at that level. The volume is higher while using Bluetooth vs. while connected with a cable. Happily, there was very little noise, especially for a Bluetooth speaker.

Amazon Cloud Player : Duffy – Mercy, Three Mo’ Tenors – La Donna è Mobile, Andreas Vollenweider – Moonday, David Garrett – Smooth Criminal, Samuel Barber – Angus Dei (Adagio for Strings)

iMac: New Order – Shellshock, Tchaikovsky – 1812 Overture (op 49), Gwen Stefani – Hollaback Girl

iPad 3: Pearl Jam – Black, Bennie Man – Dude, David Sanborn – It’s You, Black Eyed Peas – Imma Be, M83 – Midnight City, John Mayer – Daughters

Pandora: Chairlift – Bruises, Sting – Englishman in New York, Solo Banton – Music Addict

Toshiba Satellite: Bobby Valentino – Slow Down

FrogEye HotBox S7+ Paired with iPad 3


The HotBox S7+ allowed me to really enjoy watching movies on my iPad and mobile phone. There isn’t a lot of stereo separation since the drivers are so close to each other, but there was enough ambience created to fully immerse me in whatever I was viewing.

ABC PlayerNashville

Amazon Prime Video – Thor


Trailers – Olympus Has Fallen

YouTube – Katy Perry’s Wide Awake video


My adventures were also taken to another level thanks to the HotBox S7+. How could I ever go back to listening to my iPads’s speakers? Asphalt4, Temple Run, Real Soccer 12, and Rock Band were played with much more enthusiasm.


I called my cell from my landline and had a conversation with family members. Their voices were loud and clear over the speaker. The noise-cancellation did a great job on the other end, allowing an equally amazing sound listen on the landline. The only difference was the volume was a bit lower, but not at all hollow or tinny sounding like from the speakerphone from mobile phones. This can definitely be used for business conference calls.

FrogEye HotBox S7+ as Power Bank Charging Android Phone


The HotBox S7+ can charge mobile devices. After about seven hours of playing music and video, I was still able to charge my phone to 50% in a couple of hours. I think this is great as an add-on feature, and is pretty good in a pinch, but I wouldn’t rely on fully charging devices if you’ve use the speakers for a few hours. FrogEye sells a standalone power bank dedicated strictly to charging devices. I’ll review that another time.


The HotBox S7+ speaker comes in seven different colors, suitable for all lifestyles. It’s made from high quality materials, comes with good accessories, and in outstanding packaging. It’s fantastic for kids, teens, and adults for both personal and business use, and great for travel or at home. It has a speakerphone and a power bank, and can be used wired and wirelessly. The design is sleek and it has large control buttons on top. It’s loud, and small enough for traveling. Best of all, the sound quality is amazing!


The bass is tight, but a little light, yet about on par with other speakers of this size. Pairing can be frustrating on a few devices.


I prefer the sound quality of the HotBox over the JamBox (3.8) and Braven (4.3) wireless speakers, because it has a cleaner and more natural sound. TIP: the HotBox can be used in a car for those without a Bluetooth connection. This is definitely my go-to mobile speaker because of its big hi-fi sound. I rate the FrogEye HotBox S7+ wireless speaker 4.3 out of 5.

FrogEye has provided me with these complimentary speakers for the purpose of a review. While it has NOT influenced this review, I believe in full disclosure.


2 Responses to “FrogEye HotBox S7+ Wireless Speaker Review”

  1. Says:

    I need to contact Frogeye – my s6 will not charge anymore?
    I cannot find a way to contact them anywhere? pretty bizarre that they don’t provide anyway to contact them. I googled every possible configuration of their name but come up with nothing. Please help me contact them. Thanks Jim ballor
    It’s odd that you guys don’t list this as a negative against their company.

    • shutterbuggeek Says:

      Hi Jim! I wrote this about three years ago. I am not associated with the company, but I looked at all contact info I have, and unfortunately didn’t have any luck. Based on that, I think they are no longer in business.

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