The Ultimate iPad/Tablet Accessories

iPad and Tablet Accessories

iPads and other tablets were a hot ticket on Santa’s sleigh, so if you weren’t on the naughty list, you might’ve received one this past holiday season. After a few weeks of use, you’ve probably discovered that you could use some accessories to enhance your user experience. I’ve compiled a list of the ultimate accessories for your new iPad, iPad mini, Android or Windows tablet. This includes the Kindle Fire and Nook HD.

Frogeye Hotbox S7+ – It’s a brand new Bluetooth speaker that includes a power bank to charge mobile devices, and a noise canceling microphone to use as a speakerphone. The sound is spectacular for such a little box, and it has a crisp mid-range. It’s very loud and comes in seven colors to fit your lifestyle.

eComfort Tablet Pillow – This tablet holder makes tablet use in bed very comfortable, but can be used anywhere else, i.e. in the car, on a plane, or at a table.

Sensū Portable Artist Brush & Stylus – Use the brush end with various art apps to create digital masterpieces, or the stylus end for art, writing, or playing games.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad – This super sleek Bluetooth keyboard is very stylish for iPads, comes in black AND white, has an auto-off feature like the Apple cover, and is comfortable while typing. For a universal model good for smart phones, the iPad mini, or Android tablets, check out the ZAGGkeys FLEX.

Frogeye PowerPlay P80 – This mobile power bank can charge two items at once, including topping off a tablet.

Apple Camera Adapter Kit – Place an SD card in it or attach a card reader with a CF (other) card to transfer photos to your iPad or iPad mini.

Cocoon Grid-It – A fantastic organizer that uses elastic bands attached to a pad to neatly keep your chargers, camera connection kit, earphones, etc. in place.

Apple TV – This media player gives you access to free and paid content via ‘apps’ on the device, as well as, audio and video files on your computer or iPad via wi-fi. In many cases you can either use Air Play to view video on your large screen TV, or you can mirror video apps or games onto the screen for  better viewing.

Bowers & Wilkens Headphones – The B&W P5 is stylish and has a pure sound. This is one that adults AND teens would use.

Smart Phone with a Hot Spot – A hot spot will allow your device to tap into your mobile phone’s 3G or 4G service to gain data service. This should be included in your monthly fee if you have a new contract since August 2012, otherwise you’ll have to pay a monthly fee for use of a hot spot. You can usually tether 3 or more devices to one hot spot.

ion Audio iCade – This turns your iPad into a retro arcade using a 30 pin connector. Works great with the Atari game app.

Belkin @TV Plus – A media streamer (think affordable Slingbox) that has built-in wifi, so there’s no need to connect it to ethernet. You can watch live TV, recorded DVR content, or record live TV on your tablet thanks to the free companion app.

Seagate GoFlex Satellite – Rechargeable storage device (500 GB) that uses its own built-in wifi to wirelessly stream different audio and video content simultaneously to multiple tablets. Great for entertaining kids of all ages in the car, at airport terminals, etc.

Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Mount – This will allow you to easily watch live TV or Video on Demand in the kitchen using the Comcast Xfinity TV Player, Verizon FiOS Mobile, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, ABC Player, HBO Go, WatchESPN, and other  apps. It ‘clamps’ under the cabinet to free up counter space.

Eye-Fi Wifi – In conjunction with the free Eye-fi app, you can wirelessly stream photos from your camera via the SD card sized accessory to your iPad.

Thirsty Bag – A clever bag that absorbs liquids from tablets that have gotten wet.

aLoksak – A waterproof storage bag that prevents your tablet from getting wet. The touchscreen can be used while enclosed. You can even use it underwater to take photos or shoot video.

HDMI Pocket Projection – Connect your tablet to this mini projector from Brookstone to view content anywhere up to 60″ diagonally. iPads require an extra adapter.

Belkin Mini Surge Protector With USB Charger – This is a must have for traveling (or at home). Plug in up to three AC power cords and two USB connectors from one outlet.

Some items can be purchased locally. You can get Apple products at Creative Computing. The projector, grid organizer, and tablet pillow are available at BrookstoneBest Buy has the bluetooth keyboard, Eye-fi, surge protector, headphones, and GoFlex, and the iCade is at Radio Shack. If there are any other add-ons you’d like to share, please list them in the comment section below.


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