Great Ways to Protect Your Tech Gear

The CEA Line Shows in NY had many vendors with great tech items. There were actually three items that captured my attention that were created for protecting gear. Full disclosure – two items I received at no charge, but this never effects reviews.

I absolutely love LOKSAK reusable bags. I stopped by their booth to check out what I read about them, and was offered samples in three sizes. They are bags made from a patented Polyethylene that are leakproof and airtight. They hermetically seal when closed in the same fashion of a plastic zipper bag, and provide 100% protection from water, humidity, sand, and snow. Tech gear can be safeguarded from all-weather.

What I love most, is you can use a touchscreen device while it’s sealed in the bag. This is great for using e-readers on the beach. A tablet or mobile phone can be placed in one of these LOKSAK bags, and actually be taken snorkeling to capture video or still photos! I placed an old cell phone in one of the bags and soaked it for 30 minutes, and the seal kept the device dry as promised.

There’s also the OPSAK that does the same as the LOKSAK, but doesn’t allow odors to permeate. This is perfect for camping to keep away bears and other animals, smelly diapers, or anything with an odor that you want to keep others from smelling.

Powerbags are briefcases, messenger bags, and briefcases that hold all of your tech gear in separate compartments, PLUS they each have a portable rechargeable battery with various connectors in a separate section. Laptops, tablets, e-readers, cell phones, and MP3 players all have dedicated spots to keep them protected during transport, and they can charge up on the way. Theoretically, a standard bag and separate battery pack could be used, but I find these bags more practical since they have nice compartments to keep tech gear in place. Additionally, the FlyFlat design allows them to lay flat with your laptop inside for convenient airport security screening.

I received a Kaboo Bag in the mail. I chose The Tina. Each bag has a Kaboo Tech Pouch inside to cradle a tablet or e-reader. My iPad fit perfectly inside. My netbook fit in the main compartment with plenty of space for other items. There are also three pockets for my mobile phone, iPod Touch, and a compact camera, plus two slots on one of those pockets for parking tokens or coins. Next to those pockets are two sections for pens or tablet styli. There’s also a zippered section. The interior has a bright herringbone pattern, making it easy to find smaller items inside, and giving it a bit of panache. This bag is fantastic to carry lots of gear. I can even place my Canon 7D DSLR camera in it. My only gripe is the exterior is made of Polyurethane. I wish they would’ve used fabric or leather instead.


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