Can You Ever Have Too Much Tech?

I’ve been a techie since I was 10 years old. That was quite unique for a girl back then. I was on the A/V club in 6th grade and learned how to operate a two-reel system movie projector. I hooked up our family’s TV to the stereo for surround sound, and I made sure I had all the new portable gadgets like the first portable CD player from Sony, portable DVD player, the Creative Nomad Jukebox (one of the first hard drive 6 GB mp3 players), and the Creative Zen 20 GB Portable Media Center. Believe me, this was hot at the time.

Fast forward to today with 3-D flatscreen TVs, Blu-ray players, tablets, streaming HD video, smart phones, digital SLRs, tech-loaded cars, and game consoles. I try my best to stay updated. I’m not replacing items every year or two, though I do know people who do, but I do try to stagger purchases, so I’m buying new tech annually.

Do I need to have bluetooth streaming to my audio system, and a rearview camera in a car? No, but they’re items on my check list when I buy a new car. Do I need to send email, check the weather in the city I’m traveling to, or stream music on Pandora while at the gate before a flight. No, but it keeps me informed and entertained.

Can I ever have too much tech. MY answer is no. I’m a gadget geek by nature, and now it’s the norm (especially for teens) to be techies. I need to keep up so my life will be easier when I reach my retirement years. 😉

What’s my favorite tech coming out now? I’m going to the CES LINE Shows on Thursday, so I’ll tell you soon!


5 Responses to “Can You Ever Have Too Much Tech?”

  1. Robin,
    Thanks for this trip down memory lane.

    Ah .. the good old days of tech. Like you I’ve been a geek since I could spell the word. However, I’m the kind of geek who preferred taking things apart to learn how they work and I built most of tech in the early days. It was out of necessity. There was no Radio Shack in the islands so I had to salvage parts from broken electronics and build my own radios, stereos etc.

    I’m neither an early adopter or late adopter. It depends on whether I consider the product “finished” or not. I got the first, second and third gen iPad but the iPhone 4 was my first iPhone.

    I did not buy an MP3 player (an iPod nano) until 2004. I considered the stuff on the market at the time as pure junk. Limited memory options and crappy audio quality. I was not even an Apple fan back then.

    Growing up I guess my Dad was the real gadget geek. He always bought the latest A/V and Hi-Fi equipment and I enjoyed flipping through the pages of High Fidelity magazine and doing listening tests with my Dad. He would have three different turntables or head-units connected to three different speaker sets and almost as many amplifiers. That man loved his sound equipment.

    Today, I subscribe to a certain amount of tech minimalism. I want just enough to get the job done and I want it to last forever.

    • shutterbuggeek Says:

      You’re the ultimate geek, a creator. I consume the creations, and try to use them to the maximum potential.

      I used to be an early adopter, but now I wait a bit, because the lifespan on many products seem to be 1-2 years, and in previous times it was 3-4 years or longer.

      I love watching sci-fi for future technology. The imagination of filmmakers are amazing, and when they come to fruition. When I was a kid I wondered if it will ever be created in my lifetime. Now when I see tech, I wonder if it can be created within 5 years.

      The thing is, I’d love to see more inventions than re-inventions.

  2. Do I need to have bluetooth streaming to my audio system, and a rearview camera in a car?

    Yes, yes, I do! I’m looking at retrofitting my 2006 Accord with such a system. Based on my experience with Honda, the car will last me 10 years before I see any major issues so I’ve got until 2016 to get use out of any gadgets I add to the car.

    Do I need to send email, check the weather in the city I’m traveling to, or stream music on Pandora while at the gate before a flight?

    Yes, yes, I do!

    • shutterbuggeek Says:

      Khürt, I remember when American cars were built to last for what seemed to be 20 years. Now it’s more like 5-6 before major issues occur. Luckily, the Accord is a low maintenance vehicle. The only problem with that is the tech gets dated around the 4th year. Your idea of an update looks great. It would be great to play music from iTunes or Pandora or whatever. Also, an entertainment idea would be to buy this to hold your iPad in place for the rear passengers to view movies.

      • Entertainment system in the car is for the sole enjoyment of the driver. 🙂

        I find it too irritating to hear video I can’t see and I have a specific type or music to keep me focused and alert when driving. Same for Bhavana. My kids have headphones and their own tech.

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