Fireworks Photography

Fireworks on Independence Day, 4th of July

The Fourth of July is approaching, and many close to fireworks will attempt to take dazzling photos. This works best if you have a DSLR, but you can also capture descent pictures if you have a compact camera with manual settings, and a tripod is a must.

If possible, head to a large city for a spectacular show. Otherwise, find out when local displays take place. Pack all necessary equipment well BEFORE you leave, and include a small flashlight to see what you’re doing. Ideally, you should adjust your camera to the proper settings before you pack it.

Read How to Shoot Fireworks days before, so you feel comfortable and confident on the big day. An update is, I no longer track or pan the displays. I set my lens to 17mm and shoot, then crop if I must. I don’t even have to look through the view finder. I just count to about 3 seconds on my remote before releasing. This is much more relaxing, and yields fantastic results.

If all else fails, have a video option as a back up (or in addition to) photographing the event.


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