My Top 20 iPhone Travel Apps

I love to travel, and certain devices can enhance the experience. iPhone apps are just as vital as a suitcase to me when I’m away from home. There is a constant flow of new applications in the App Store, and I must admit, I need to browse through them to stay current, but for now, here are my top 20 iPhone apps, and why.

  1. Skype – This is a great app to use while out of the country. I’ve used it in Europe and the Caribbean to make calls stateside for free as long as there was wi-fi nearby.
  2. The Weather Channel – Whether here or abroad, I need to know what the day holds for me weather-wise
  3. FourSquare – I’m not addicted to this app, but it’s cool to check in outside of my stomping grounds to get new badges. Just sayin’.
  4. New York Times – I need to stay informed, and this is THE digital paper to read.
  5. Netflix – Sometimes I need to unwind with a movie. They don’t have the biggest selection, but it’s on-demand.
  6. Sun Moon – As a photographer and lover of sunrises & sunsets, this helps me know what time I need to be on location for the golden hour.
  7. TripDeck – This keeps my entire travel itinerary on hand.
  8. Currency – I’m too lazy on vacation to calculate Euros into Dollars. There, I said it!
  9. Converter – I’m also too lazy to convert cm into inches, kph into mph and lbs into kilos on vacation.
  10. Translator – No habla español. Je ne parle pas français. You get the picture.
  11. Yelp – This app helps me find restaurants, gas stations, banks and more.
  12. Text+ – When I need to text while oversees, this and wi-fi come to my rescue.
  13. Evernote – I can store PDF files, web pages and more here to have great info at my fingertips.
  14. iBooks – This is great when I need to unwind and would rather read the book than watch the movie.
  15. Pandora – Music soothes the savage beast. At times I just get tired of my playlists.
  16. Facebook – Sometimes I take a peak to see what my friends are doing when I have down time. Sometimes I share a photo or two.
  17. Photo Shop Express – I usually edit photos on the laptop while away, but this is a back-up. And I can upload photos to Facebook.
  18. flickr – Just in case I want to post a photo or two on flickr.
  19. TweetDeck – I only use this if I’m away for a business event, so I can tweet live with #hashtags to promote the event.
  20. Worldmate – I just discovered this app which I used on my old Palm. This actually eliminates the need for a few of the above.

What are your favorite iPhone travel apps?


3 Responses to “My Top 20 iPhone Travel Apps”

  1. Hi There,

    I travel around the world at least once month from Wellington, New Zealand and am constantly prone to delayed or cancelled flights and my business contacts and family are constantly trying to understand when I am landing so that they can reach me. The World Flights iPhone and iPad app gives live departures and arrivals information for any flights at any given airport around the world.



    • shutterbuggeek Says:

      Patrice, thanks for the tip! It’s always nice to find new travel apps. I bet this is especially great for those not in North America.

  2. If you stay in Serviced Apartments in Europe for business travel, this one may be of use to you: SilverDoor Serviced Apartment Search

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