Princeton Tour Company’s Haunting Ghost Tours

Princeton Tour Company is renowned in the Princeton, NJ area. They offer a nice variety of services, i.e. bike rentals and tours, walking tours, pub crawls, and more. You can check the schedule here. But the tours that’ll have you screaming for more, are the ghost tours, especially round Halloween. The professional tour guides really get into character. They dress in period clothing and lead you around with a lantern.

Since lanterns are used as you go walking through the Princeton Cemetery, it’s obviously not taking place during the day. You pass homes and other sites, hearing ghost stories from the days of yore from your guide that will make your spine tingle. The places visited have all had ghost sightings, and you’re encouraged to bring your camera to capture orbs. The tours last over 60 minutes, and you don’t walk more than a flat mile, but there are many stops. The following video shows Mimi on the Travel Show Live speaking about things to do in Princeton.

The next time you’re in Princeton, you should definitely look up the Princeton Tour Company, and take one of their tours. If the ghost tour isn’t for you, there are many more tours to choose from.

Mimi Omiecinski is the owner. Her southern charm will surely win you over. She wasn’t born in Princeton, but her enthusiasm more than makes up for it. Her love of the town matches are exceeds natives! She makes sure that whoever leads the tour has all of the knowledge to share the facts, and has a personality to keep the crowd engaged. Below is a video that gives you a taste of Mimi’s charisma.


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    I love the way you cover something!

    Mimi O

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