Baseball, Hot Dogs and Beer

Summer means different things to different people. When I hear the word I think sun, beach, pool, frozen drinks, eating outdoors, boating, amusement parks, joy rides in convertibles and… baseball. This is one of the top summer pastimes in the U.S. (and I believe also in Canada). There’s something about watching a game with thousands of cheering fans that gets you pumped. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting between the bases, in the bleachers or in a V.I.P. seat in an air-conditioned luxury suite, you get caught up in baseball fever! You don’t even have to be in a suite to get special service. Vendors will come to you with beer, hot dogs, cotton candy, and souvenirs, so you don’t miss a thing.

So, what’s the pitch to someone who’s not a fan? If you live close enough to a major league team and able to see a pro game, it’s your chance to see what someone does to earn millions per year, or be in the presence of a man who has his face on a box of Wheaties. The bonus is you witness the best in a field in action. It’s like watching the Beatles in the studio back in the day, or being a fly on the wall in the Oval Office. If you’re near one of the minor’s ballparks you can have the excitement of the big league for the price of a movie ticket. They have smaller stadiums, so you get better seats. This gets you closer to the action, which will engage you more. If you’re still not having fun, you can leave without guilt, but that probably won’t happen, right? An  better idea might be to start at a minor league park with several family members and/or friends in a suite. It’s a party at the park at a reasonable price, so you’re off to a great start! Everyone chats during the quieter times, and watches the action when it happens.

Whether you’re a long time fan, or new to the game, let baseball steal your heart this summer! I just feel in love with the Trenton Thunder team (minor league). My kids can’t wait to go to the next game. By the way, I’m sorry to say I don’t eat hot dogs, nor do I drink beer, but lucky for me they offer grilled chicken, Caesar Salad and bottled water. Am I a party pooper? No, because lately more people are eating healthier at the games.

So when’s the last time you’ve been to a game? Baseball surely hits a home run with me! Have you caught the fever yet? I’d love to hear your opinion, especially if you’re from the Caribbean or Japan.


4 Responses to “Baseball, Hot Dogs and Beer”

  1. First image is really looking cute.

  2. Great article. I think we are in agreement about the charm of the smaller ballparks. You mention the minor league park but I might toss in a vote for the atmosphere of Florida Spring Training. Oh, and a real ballpark experience has to include a chili dog.

    • shutterbuggeek Says:

      So true John, the magic of a smaller ballpark can’t be beat. Though I don’t eat hot dogs, there’s nothing more American than eating one at the stadium. My kids love chili cheese dogs. All I can say is, play ball!

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