This Valentine’s Day Be Unique and Creative!

Valentine’s Day is known for romance and love. Typically, it is celebrated by couples exchanging greeting cards and purchased tokens of affection.

The usual gifts tend to be a box of chocolate, roses, going out for dinner and jewelry. Why not ditch these ideas, or at least put a unique spin on them? Place your thinking cap on, and really concentrate on what your significant other likes. Think about favorite colors, foods, music, textures, and smells. Appeal to the senses in a way that only YOU can.

Once the favorite color has been established, use it throughout the evening, connecting the gifts.

Why buy an impersonal card when you can present a neatly hand written original poem or love letter on parchment paper to your sweetheart? The ink or paper can be in your soulmate’s favorite color. Using a calligraphy or fountain pen customizes your writings. If you’re not good at formulating your own material, quote your favorite poem, sonnet or  bible verse, i.e. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 (NIV or NASB).

If you are really talented, record either yourself reading poetry, adding background music, or the performance of a song you wrote for them and burn it onto a CD. Perhaps you want to make a slideshow from photos of the two of you using “your song” as the audio track, or make a video of your times together, and burn it onto a DVD. Let you creative juices flow, and make it VERY personal.

Try to avoid the typical flowers this year, and go exotic. Often, one is enough. Consider an anthirium, Bird of Paradise, calla lilly, red/pink ginger, or red Lobster Claw for your loved one, selecting their preferred color. If you have the budget for it, get a bouquet of tropical flowers including lilies and/or orchids, which are very fragrant. Order these ahead!

Instead of going out for diner, make a 3-course meal, and eat at home. It can be simple, like in the video below, or gourmet, as long as it comes from the heart, and you make it with your Valentine in mind. If you cannot cook, pick up quality prepared foods. Use the theme color for either the table cloth, napkins or candles. Play music that is special to both of you during the meal.

After dinner do something your beloved enjoys involving the sense of touch. This could be giving an aromatherapy massage, cuddling up on the sofa to watch a romantic comedy or action movie, having a passionate interlude, dancing, or just holding hands while chatting.

You do not have to spend much money on this day, but put in the time to create something unique, which is invaluable. If you are nervous about not showing up with a wrapped present, buy that item you have in mind, but make sure it is tailored to the receiver!

Remember, this day is all about your loved one. Putting them first, and giving them your undivided attention will be the best gift of all, and is surely priceless!


6 Responses to “This Valentine’s Day Be Unique and Creative!”

  1. Great post Robin! That last line of the post just drives it all home, excellent.

  2. Wow. Paul from the Corinthians is only part of every cookie-cutter wedding ceremony I’ve ever been to. Smashingly original. And entirely inappropriate if your beloved isn’t a bible-thumper.

    • shutterbuggeek Says:

      Betty, thanks for your input. You are correct about the Corinthians being quoted at many weddings. However, I did mention beforehand to write an original poem or love letter, and if you cannot quote your favorite poem, etc. The point is, the message comes from your heart, and is personally selected. It was merely an example. Many have told me it is their favorite, which is why I even listed it. I’m hoping one would know their loved one well enough to know what’s appropriate to write. Thanks again for voicing your opinion, and I truly wish you a joyous Valentine’s Day!

  3. Greeting cards from the heart would always be the best thing to give someone special.

    • shutterbuggeek Says:

      I love greeting cards, but mostly when something else personal is added. Otherwise, it’s a bit generic for me.

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