Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, or Safari: What’s your flavor?

It’s been a battle of the web browser titans, and I think Goliath has fallen hard! With today’s high speed internet, and customers wanting to download full length movies, web browsers want the bragging rights of offering blazing fast build up times. Of course, there are other benefits for them being the fastest, but the consumer’s main concern is: how quick can I upload a video YouTube, can I stream a Netflix movie without excessive buffering, or how fast can I download an album from iTunes? Another issue is compatibility. This comes down to the pairing of your OS with a browser. Can you use IE with Linux Fedora Core 6? Does flash work with Mac OSX 10.4 using Mozilla Firefox? Does anything crash if you have Windows Vista and use Google Chrome? IE was the Big Kahuna at one time, but Firefox has stolen it’s position as the fave. With Chrome out, and with the recent release for Macs, will it steal Firefox’s thunder? Am I the only one left using Apple’s Safari? I was about to convert to Firefox, when I heard the announcement of Chrome. I had to be patient for the Mac release. I’m about to make my move, but first, I want to know what your flavor of the year was. I’ll even give you an option on how to vote. Leave your choice in the comment box, or sent me @ShutterBugGeek a tweet, and I’ll tally it up and add to the box. What is your favorite web browser?


6 Responses to “Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, or Safari: What’s your flavor?”

  1. Safari is the default browser on all my Macs while Chrome rules my Windows XP work laptop. Firefox is a joke (too bloated and slow). When Chrome for Mac is finalised I will switch so long as 1Password supports it.

    How quickly I can upload/download is mostly a function of my broadband connection. Most consumers don’t get this and fall prey to the CPU megahertz battle. I have a 1.4GHz Mac mini G4 (purchased circa 2005) that streams and downloads content (movies, music) from the Internet just as quickly as my 2.66GHz iMac.

    The faster browser helps when using sites where the content is very dynamic; like Gmail, Google Maps, facebook, Amazon etc.

  2. alexmaxbir Says:

    Chrome all the way! IE has never been a good browser, but my second favorite is Firefox.

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