Winter: A Wonderland or a Nightmare?

Winter is quickly approaching in the northern hemisphere, and there have been forecasts of colder temps, and more precipitation this season in the U.S. The sound of more snow is great for skiers, and those looking for snow days, but for others it means traffic accidents, higher energy bills or less business to their brick and mortar stores. Bah-humbug, indeed.

Do you go to ski resorts, get in a good day on the slopes, and after the last run hit the après-ski scene for cocktails by a fireplace? Or perhaps you wait for a heavy snow, look forward to a day off, make snowmen and snow angels, bake cookies, and drink hot chocolate? Do you love waiting for the local lake to freeze enough to go ice skating outdoors? Or perhaps the snow capped mountains simply take your breath away. Yay Jack Frost!

Or are you more like Scrooge? Winter is cold, and you spend too much money on heating. The roads are treacherous since they are plagued with black ice. You’re always sick, and now fearful of catching the swine flu. The days are shorter, which means you have to drive home from work in the dark. You have to shovel snow, which hurts your back. Don’t forget about buying snow tires and getting chapped lips. When does the madness end? Old man winter is cruel!

For those living in warmer zones in the winter, are  you happy or disappointed not getting snow? If you love the fluffy, white flakes, do you make it a point to travel to areas like Vail, Stowe, Whistler/Blackcomb, Zermatt, or Kitzbuhel  for skiing, snowmobiling, sleigh riding, and strolling though Alpine villages?

Which camp are you in, Team Frost or Team Scrooge? Dare to share! Leave your opinion below in the comment box. I’ll even chime in at some point, and give you my thoughts.


10 Responses to “Winter: A Wonderland or a Nightmare?”

  1. I am loving the snow capped Sierras this year (yesterday they truly did take my breath away). With the CA smog and fog we don’t really get that view often enough. I’m looking forward to trying out the cold Colorado winters after we move next year and being able to view the mountains nearly everyday. Although I’m more of a “sit by the fire” type of gal, I do enjoy the seasons and getting dressed warmly.

    • shutterbuggeek Says:

      Angie, I must say I’m a sucker for snow capped mountains. They truly take my breath away and inspire me! Good luck with the move next year!

  2. I am definitely a part of Team Frost. The main reason is that watching my daughter’s excitement over the snow and playing in it is priceless. I am able to see winter with a new set of eyes. Her joy becomes my joy. I love to watch snow falling when the temperature is not too cold, and the world seems to stand still. Yes I am a bit of a romantic! Great article.

    • shutterbuggeek Says:

      I know what you mean about seeing winter through the eyes of a child. You see it as a miracle. Beautiful flakes of snow falling and trying to catch it on your tongue. You can bunch it together to form a solid mass. Put a snowball in your freezer, and take it out in summer. You look for a great hill to ride your sled on. It will usually be a wonderland for kids.

  3. Definitely Team Frost 🙂 I think my greatest joy is when the kids walk in the door from playing in the snow, you can feel the cold coming off of their bodies, the cheeks are so rosy and they are filled with joy and excitement and enthusiastic tales of their adventures. I love that zing of energy that is bouncing off them. Of course, the house feels extra cozy and warm compared to the air coming in from the door and off of their bodies. They also run home off of the school bus anxious to get on all their snow gear, it is a race to get outside and play. I love all of that. The views are great too.I don’t even ski, but when the family goes sledding, I like to sit in the lodge and watch all the families while I read and have hot chocolate 🙂 I am also more of a fireside person!

    • shutterbuggeek Says:

      Nicole, having kids myself, I totally understand the excitement kids have when they see snow. After hours of playing outside, mine come in the house with rosy cheeks and ice cold fingers looking for hot chocolate. In my town until Christmas, you can take a horse and buggy ride throughout town with a blanket over you. It’s really nice to do the day after a big snow, then we can go to one of the many cafes/coffee houses for coffee, tea or hot chocolate to warm up. Winter can be magical for some!

  4. I’m not a scrooge (nor am I germ-phobic or get sick easily) but I am not a fan of black ice, shoveling drive ways, de-icing frozen windows and steps, or falling icicles. Can’t wait for Spring.

    By the time I had cleared the snow drifts from my driveway (about 1 hour) I had no energy left (or heat) left to “play”. From my kitchen window, I watched my kids play in the backyard.

    Coming from the Caribbean I have no fond memories of playing in the snow to fall back on.

    • shutterbuggeek Says:

      I actually do get sick every winter, and I don’t like it. I’m also not a fan of black ice, shoveling, etc. I really understand where you’re coming from. Of course, our taxes will go up next year to compensate for a previous snowy winter. Did I mention that I’m always cold? Hmm, you’re from the Caribbean and have to stay here for winter? My heart goes out for you. Actually, the Caribbean is sounding pretty good today. ;-). I think I’m stuck in between the two camps.

  5. I’m originally from the Southern US so I’m not used to snow and really cold temps. It’s actually grown on me and I like the occasional snowball fight. As long as we DON’T have a winter like the last one then I will be very happy.

    • shutterbuggeek Says:

      Raven, thanks for your comment. The snow storms we had last year was a bit much even for northerners. I actually enjoyed it, especially watching my kids having fun in it. I think what most adults don’t like is snow removal and driving in the snow. Kids can’t wait for big storms, because they don’t have to deal with removal and driving. 😉

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