Macro – Flower Reflection in Water Drop

I have the utmost respect for macro photographers.  You need a lot of time, patience, and skill to perfect taking fantastic macros.  Unfortunately, I don’t have much of any of the aforementioned.  With that said, I do have some determination, so I will keep trying to take a decent macro until it looks more than acceptable. I do not have a macro lens, so I used three stacked Kenko extension tubes (12, 20 and 36 mm) between my camera and my 50/1.8 lens.  Here is my latest attempt.  Check out this photo on Flickr to view it larger, or get more details.

Flower Reflection in Water Drop

Flower Reflection in Water Drop

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7 Responses to “Macro – Flower Reflection in Water Drop”

  1. Lovely shot. Good work.

  2. I commented on the Flickr page too. It’s a wonderful shot. Sharp details, good lighting and excellent DOF.

    Actually looking at your exif data, you could drop the ISO down and open up your aperture and shoot at a faster shutter speed. I’m really surprised you got such excellent DOF at f/22!!!

    Just curious why you chose those settings (ISO – Aperture – Shutter).

    Very nice work!

    • shutterbuggeek Says:

      Christopher, keep in mind that a true macro shot is 1:1 or greater. The lens is much closer to the subject giving you a shallower DOF. To compensate for it, I used f/22 keeping the subject in focus, yet the background remains blurred. At f/22 I needed more light, and since I don’t have a macro flash, I bumped up the ISO and slowed down the shutter speed. Of course, I had the camera mounted on a tripod, and used a remote cable release. I’m not a professional, nor a macro expert, so I still need a lot of practice in this area.

  3. I am not a professional, I just love beauty. This is truly beautiful.

  4. I thought it was neat looking! Not a professional photographer — but have a good eye.

    • shutterbuggeek Says:

      Thanks to all for the encouraging comments. It motivates me to refine my technique, and produce better photos.

  5. Robin – you’re right. I have lots to look forward to! Love the shot and can’t wait till I get there!

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