Macro – Dogwood Blossom

In an attempt to take more photos using different techniques, I decided to tackle the world of macro.  Wow!  I have to say, for those not so experienced, such as myself, it’s a challenge to focus on the subject.  A tripod is a must, but a macro lens is not.  I actually bought a set of Kenko extension tubes (12, 20 and 36 mm), and attached the 12 and 20 mm tubes to my camera, followed by my 50/1.8 lens.  My first thought was to capture some bugs.  There were some ants marching along, and I started snapping away, then decided they were too fast to get in the sweet spot.  I went to my blossoming dogwood tree, but the gentle breeze was not in my favor.  I came to the conclusion that I must pick a flower off the tree, and rest it on a flat surface not effected by the wind.  After finding a good spot, I set up my tripod, attached my shutter release cable, and my camera to manual focus and aperture priority.  The trick is to have tripod at the right location, and to focus accurately.  Unfortunately, I do not have live view, so I had to rely on my viewfinder, and trust my eye.  The next time I will find a more challenging subject like a dew drop, but for now, here is the result.  You can view it larger or see more details on Flickr.

Macro of Dogwood Blossom

Macro of Dogwood Blossom


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