Streaming Video in the Palm of Your Hand Pt. 2

We have looked at iPhone third party apps that allow streaming video.  Now let’s look at other sources.  The first way is extremely easy.  It just requires Apple’s very own built-in iTunes app.  There’s absolutely nothing to download.  Just open the application, select Podcasts from the bottom bar, and look for content to watch.  If you already have a favorite podcast, below you can choose Search, and type in your desired podcast.

The second way is also super easy.  Another built-in app to the rescue.  YouTube enables you to watch TV shows in several parts, due to the maximum length of video that may be uploaded (10 minutes).  There are mostly kid or teen full episodes available in several parts.  Adults will find mostly clips of their preferred shows.

The third way is easy, with just a little work involved.  CBS has content on the app, but until Hulu’s app has been developed and approved, I have the next best thing to share with you. and automatically detects that you are using an iPhone or iPod Touch when you visit them via Safari, and direct you to their mobile sites.  These sites scale everything down for your device for easier reading.  If you tap on Video, it takes you to their TV shows.  m.NBC  offers full episodes of their top sitcoms and dramas, while extends more clips to viewers..  You can easily bookmark these two for quick access, but a faster approach is to add an icon to the home screen.  To do this, once you’re on the site at the video page, select the plus sign on the bar at the bottom.  A menu will pop up, and you should pick Add to Home Screen.  The icon is shown with the name, which may be modified (I delete the .com).  Tap on the Add button on the top right, and it will add the icon to the next availble spot on your screen as a shortcut to the  site.  This can also be done with .  Happy streaming!

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