Streaming Video in the Palm of Your Hand

I am a bit of an iPhone appaholic.  I usually have all 9 pages filled with apps, and I’m always looking for the next greatest app to make my life easier or more entertaining.  I discovered Air Video and Air Video Free ($2.99/$0) a couple of weeks ago. They allow you to stream video off a Mac, PC, or connected hard drive and onto an iPhone or iPod Touch via wi-fi.  This frees up space for memory hungry music, photos and stored movies for travel.  After downloading the app onto your device and the server from their website onto your computer and install it (free, and necessary to stream and convert), you can begin streaming all videos.  If you have content not in the proper format, you can convert it using your iPhone/iPod Touch for viewing.   My enthusiasm wore off a little when I realized I would mostly use this app in bed before going to sleep. Hope was restored when I found the apps Off and Off Free ($0.99/$0) yesterday.  These enable you to turn off your Mac/PC, put it in sleep mode, restart it or lock it.  A free download of their server is required, and is easy to do.  This dynamic duo affords you the ability to watch a streaming movie in bed, and then shut down your computer for the night.

Another great streaming option is the free app Joost.  There is no server to download.  You can stream movies, music videos and TV shows directly to your handy little gadget.  The catch is, with the exception of the music videos, most content is not current.  That’s not always a bad thing.  I have viewed episodes of ‘Friends’, ‘The O.C.’, ‘Star Trek’ (the Original Series), and the films ‘The Fifth Element’ and ‘Men in Black’.  Many  shows are full episodes. offers strictly TV shows mostly from CBS (which also presents current hits and many of those in syndication), but also from The CW, Showtime, Chow and CNET TV.  The former offers many full episodes, and the CW provides clips often one to two minutes in length, and I’ve found Showtime clips up to seven minutes long.

ABC News is just that, Top News, WABC 7, and clips of the shows ‘Good Morning America’, ‘World News Tonight’, ’20/20′, ‘Nightline’, and ‘This Week’.

There are other apps which allow streaming video like vSnax and Truveo, but these are just clips of shows.  I must say, vSnax at least offers a more unique mix of channels, i.e. Animal Planet, G4TV, Discovery, AMC, Style Network, Comedy Central, and VH1.  A Hulu app is what everyone is anticipating.  Hopefully that comes out by the end of the summer!


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