Music Tuesday

In the world of Twitter #MusicMonday is the day to discuss harmonious sounds.  I find Tuesday the time of the week for me to delve into the melody oriented topic based on a couple of sources.  Every Tuesday, iTunes offers a new small selection of free content to all with an account.  The songs available are from an eclectic mix of genres, and there is a gratis music video.  Other giveaways include TV episodes or clips, movie featurettes, and spoken word excerpts, but let’s stick to the music.  There’s a catch.  The music store is not handing out the latest and greatest tunes; however, you might enjoy some of the selections, so they are worth the listen.  The Single of the Week is often an up and coming artist or one who isn’t mainstream.  I download it 85% of the time, so I have to like it or find potential in it to add it to my hard drive.  The Discovery Download is where they mix things up, by providing a different category of music weekly.  I’ve seen rock, hip-hop, gospel, comedy, audiobooks and more offered here.  Then there is Canción de la Semana, which features the Latin single of the week.  The music videos are unique, because they occasionally offer a top 40 song.  I have downloaded Coldplay’s ‘Lovers in Japan’, The Veronica’s ‘Untouched’, and Delta Goodrem’s ‘In this Life’ all courtesy of iTunes.

Let’s move on to a different source of music.  Josh Schwartz (The O.C., Gossip Girl, Chuck) has created an on-line series called ‘Rockville CA‘, which takes place in the fictional club Rockville in Los Angeles that provides live performances by indie rock bands.  A group of twentysomethings hang out in the club to hear the latest up and coming bands, while the main characters date other people, but have a special chemistry with each other.  The first five to six minute episodes debuted on March 17, 2009 on the, and new shows are offered every Tuesday.  Some of the featured bands are: Nico Stai, Kaiser Chiefs, Lykke Li, Phantom Planet and White Lies.  All episodes are still accessible on the site for viewing, and available on iTunes for download at $0.99 each.


One Response to “Music Tuesday”

  1. Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with Rockville. I love the premise, and I like being exposed to some new music (while also seeing some of my favorites in a cool setting). Also, the sound quality of the live performances is WAY better than random youtube live videos so I love that since I love live music.

    However, some of the episodes just have really, really bad acting or ridiculous scripts…definitely not up to the consistent quality of other Josh Schwartz stuff. However, I usually watch them all, because even if it’s a downer episode (they are about 50/50 IMO), it only wastes a few minutes of my day.

    I did really like the most recent episode with Earlimart, they’re one of my favorites and they sounded awesome, especially on “Song For”. There’s a video clip of this performance at :

    So yeah, more consistency would be nice, but it’s a promising start and I hope it stays. Your thoughts?

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