Creating a Twitter Background using Keynote ’08

You’re in luck if you’re a Mac user with iWork installed, and have a Twitter account.  I have finally had the opportunity to change my Twitter profile page from a portrait format landscape photo with the tile background box checked to a customized background made with Keynote.  First, download this Keynote Template.  Double click on the download, and it will open the template in Keynote.  Next, select a theme, and any photos (by choosing media) and text (select text box) you’d like.  Change the font and size of text, and for a really customized look, add a frame around your photo(s).  I liked the torn edge look, so I went to the Inspector> Graphic Inspector > Stroke> Picture Frame.  Click on the frame, and several options appear.  Make your selection, and do this for each desired photo.  You can even rotate your pic, by choosing Metric Inspector then next to the word Rotate, you can spin the knob to your preferred angle.  You can also play around with opacity, reflections, blurring, and more!  If you’re placing items on the right side, make sure they are next to the template.  Some Mac screens are larger than the standard template Twitter uses.  Even thought the text box centers itself, images do not.  Tsk, tsk Twitter!  The next step is to convert this to a photo.  Go to File> Save As> ‘Chosen Project Name’, then File> Export> Images> JPEG (keep quality in the middle), click the Next button, and chose where you want to save it, then hit the Export button.  Voila!  You have just saved your Keynote project as a JPEG file ready to upload.  Just in case you don’t know how to upload photos to your Twitter profile, select a theme (only for the color of the text and its box). Next, go to Settings> Design> Change background image> Choose file, then make your selection, and save changes.  Good luck!  Check out my Twitter page to see a finished product.


5 Responses to “Creating a Twitter Background using Keynote ’08”

  1. Thank you SOOOOO much for this tutorial! I was able to turn my blahsay Twitter background into an eye-popping professional background because of your tutorial.

    THANK YOU!!!

  2. Hey, thanks for explaining this. Not the best twitter background in the world but I did create it with your help.

  3. shutterbuggeek Says:

    I’m glad you both were are to personalize your Twitter backgrounds. They look great! It’s my pleasure to have helped.

  4. Thank you so very much for the template and instructions! Your expertise is much appreciated. You’re Awesome!

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